accidental poetry

From a metacritic review of the new Zelda: Skyward Sword.The line breaks are mine, everything else is Beppeoioi‘s. Discovery credit to mpb the elder.


After waiting so many months
Skyward Sword Zelda, after
reading so many articles,
see movies and read
rumors, even I
would give this game
Then he came out,
I bought and tried and
it is at this point that came
the disappointment.
I quickly realized that
so much praise, so many high scores
were just advertising.

I am an expert player of Zelda,
I played three times
and finished
Zelda Twilight Princess and I would have expected much more
from Skyward Sword.
Grainy graphics, controller goes
crazy when you look off the field, the controller
is not precise, enemies in spite of
the above
the new Motion Plus controller,
are killed simply shaking the controller.
And then the most important thing,
the story,
missing the magic,
the soul is lacking,
there is no involvement, few dialogues.
It looks like a game
made in a hurry
to go to meet
business needs, putting together
the pieces of the previous Zelda,
yet they have had 5 years of time.
I’ve played now for 20 hours
I hope that
going forward
you change something.


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