A Monster Calls

I fell in love with a book and wrote a staff recommendation for it. Here it is:

A Monster Calls

A monster is calling Conor O’Malley. This monster comes at night, as monsters do, and demands from Conor the most terrible, terrifying thing of all: the truth. Conor’s truth.

Conor isn’t afraid of monsters (except for the one in his nightmare, the nightmare he can’t bring himself to speak about) and why should he be? His waking life is frightening enough. His mother is sick and the treatments aren’t working. He’s done his best to alienate his only friend. He’s the loneliest boy in the world. Until the monster comes walking.

A Monster Calls is a book about a boy whose mother is dying, a book about loneliness, anger and loss and about the stories we tell ourselves about all these things, sometimes to deceive, sometimes to make things true. It is a book that knows that the monsters inside us aren’t always the worst parts of us at all.  Patrick Ness is a spare and exquisite storyteller and Jim Kay’s gorgeous, haunting black and white illustrations add power and pathos to a tale that is mesmerizing, lyrical, and deeply intelligent.

Rarely has a book come to mean so much to me so quickly. Let this monster call you too.

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