Nothing is going to become of anyone
except death:
  therefore: it’s okay
to yearn
too high:
the grave accommodates
swell rambunctiousness &

ruin’s not
compromised by magnificence:

that cut-off point
liberates us to the
common disaster: so
   pick a perch—
apple branch for example in
tune up

drill imagination right through
it’s all right:
it’s been taken care of:

is allowed, considering 

~ A.R. Ammons

Note: I received this poem with a college acceptance letter my senior year of high school – I didn’t wind up attending that school, but I’ve kept this poem in a notebook of mine ever since, thought of it often, reread it many times, misquoted it even more than that and misattributed it too, though I am fairly certain it’s A.R. Ammons (who, incidentally, wrote the poem that gave the title to my favorite collection of short stories from last year, Maile Meloy’s excellent Both Ways Is The Only Way I Want It). This poem has come to mean a lot to me and I hope you like it too. 
This time, it’s for Devin. 


3 thoughts on “Play

  1. Nice! We just visited the Tombstone Cemetery in Virginia City yesterday, so it seems especially appropriate, next to the hustle and bustle of Reno’s sprawl.

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