Language, violence and rape.

At work last week I checked for the news, as I often do, and the headline story was about the gang rape of an eleven year old girl in Texas. I didn’t read the article, because I knew how much it would have upset me to do so. Today I read an article by Roxane Gay titled “The Careless Language of Sexual Violence” which I found via Bookslut’s blog. I think the article is so right about so many things, which is totally terrifying. While writing my thesis, I explored a lot of theory and criticism about writing on violence, particularly war. The representation of violence, war and rape in fiction and non-fiction–and in (and through) language in general–is something which deeply concerns and interests me in my (admittedly limited) capacities as a thinker and a writer, and (in a less limited capacity) a human being. I hope it concerns you too.


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