Spotted: Wuthering Heights

While stuck in exit traffic at the Newport Folk Festival this evening, I spotted a girl reading Emily Brontë’s classic novel, Wuthering Heights. We were stopped in a completely motionless car queue for more than an hour, and when I walked ahead to see if I could make out where the line ended (or began…depending on which way you think about it) I saw a young (16 years old?) girl in a blue ZipCar painting the pages of Wuthering Heights with pink highlighter.

I read Emily Brontë’s masterpiece when I was in high school, and last year at a book sale I came across a really nice edition with cool full page illustrations for a dollar or two. It’s on the top of my To Be Read stack, waiting for me to indulge in a glorious reread.

Sadly, there are still a lot of books in between now and then…but at least there’s this memorable Kate Bush song, also called “Wuthering Heights,” to help me pass the time.  It was a huge hit in my twelfth grade class when we read this novel.


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