1001 Journals

Yesterday, at one of our favorite coffeehouses, my sister and I found this notebook,

Custom House Coffee's 1001 Journal.

a sort community journal/sketchbook from the 1001 Journals project. The bookplate on the inside cover of the notebook told us that 1001 Journals is “a collaborative art experiment sharing journals amongst strangers and friends around the world,” and the copy we found is what the project calls a “location” journal, meaning that it stays in the same place. There are also “travel” journals, which are sent by mail to a list of people who’ve signed up (I assume) on the project’s website, http://1001journals.com, and personal journals, that one person creates and then scans the pages and uploads the images to the site.

The bookplate also encouraged us to read the journal and add to it. I didn’t take photos of anyone else’s entries, but there were some cool quotations, sketches and fun random stuff (I liked the full page “Coffee Moth”). Here’s what Linnea and I added:

My addition: a favorite Mary Oliver quotation that I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Linnea's addition (can you guess what Scandinavian mystery novel she's reading at the moment?) and the journal's backplate.


5 thoughts on “1001 Journals

  1. Thanks for giving me the push to start writing again. In the midst of breaking up with me, Elise admitted that some of my poetry was.. too intense, for her. That kind of broke me a little and I haven’t been able to look at my writing since without feeling a bit ashamed, but I’m feeling that Mary Oliver quote and I think it might be time to get back to what I’ve always loved.

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